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Genesis, a world broken. Before your eyes is an amazing moving fortress, a new academy to wage battle with all factions. Humans barely surviving in their sectors, Genesis Beings fighting with each other, and a secret growing in power at the depths of the ocean. Being a student is one thing, but can you learn how to control your forming power? All while the world falls into ruin around you?

Important PagesEdit

Character Template 


Human Sectors

Character Database

Tournament Teams

Genesis Ability

DNA Weapon



Creating Your CharacterEdit


1. Click on Character Template  (<- click there).

2. Click on the purple EDIT button at the top of the page.

3. Click on the SOURCE tab at the top of the page. Everything should look like boring text. Select all of it and then right click COPY.

4. Go back to the home page.

5. Click on CONTRIBUTE at the top right of the page.

6. Click on ADD A PAGE.

7. Choose BLANK PAGE.

8. The title should be your character's desired name.

9. Click on ADD A PAGE to create the page and enter the edit screen.

10. Click on SOURCE at the top.

11. Right click PASTE into SOURCE to copy over the Character Template.

12. Begin to fill in the appropriate areas, following the guidelines in each section. If it says (ignore) then don't fill it in - I'll do it for you when I make your character.

13. When satisfied, hit PREVIEW to see what the page will look like.

14. If satisfied, hit PUBLISH to finish. Ask me if you need help/feedback.

15. Add your character into the Character Database  by editing the appropriate section. Look at existing characters for examples.

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